"Minute dust particles from the surrounding red rock mix with the crystalline air to be caught by the early morning sun as it rises over the rugged landscape. What begins as a soft pink glow on the horizon becomes a kaleidoscope of pink; a breathtakingly beautiful phenomenon created by Mother Nature."

Natural Australian diamonds in every shade of pink capture and bring to life this spectacle that can only be seen at dawn in this remote part of the East Kimberley region in Western Australia. From soft blush to deep magenta, these rare pink stones are amongst the best in the world and remarkably they were discovered beneath this very same pink sky - glistening specks found amidst tons of prehistoric rock unearthed by the Argyle Diamond Mine. 

This product is beyond rare and only finite quantities of it exist. The life of the Argyle mine is expected to last for only another 2 to 3 years. Blush Pink Diamond pieces are a true mark of luxury and rarity 

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