Jewellery has played a special part in our family history. Our Great-Grandfather - William Paton - opened the first of our family jewellery business' in 1940 on Sydney Road, Coburg. Then in 1971, our Grandfather - Albert Paton (or Grandad as we called him) opened the first ever Paton's Place Jewellers. As the story goes Grandad opened the store with $150, only sold a limited range of watches and had no locks on any of the cabinets.
Over the years there have been many changes in our family. We have welcomed new family members and said our final goodbyes to others. There have been weddings and babies, birthdays and anniversaries. Throughout all the highs and lows the immense pride we have for our family business has always remained the same.  
For us, jewellery is about marking the special moments; whether this is jewellery for engagements, birthdays or anniversaries, to celebrate newborns, or as a remembrance of loved ones passed. We don't consider jewellery pieces to be part of our lives, but rather we are apart of its life. When we design and sell jewellery, this is what we always think about. Every piece of jewellery is special in its own way, and yours is no exception.