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The History of Gold

EVERY ATOM OF YOUR GOLD JEWELLERY WAS FORGED IN A COLLAPSING STAR AND THEN TRAVELLED ACROSS THE GALAXY TO YOU Before the Ancient Egyptians donned the first pieces of jewellery, gold took a 3 million year journey. Every atom of gold was forged in a collapsing star. A collapsing star is called a Supanova, which is a large explosion so hot that it can be seen across the universe. Within this chemical cauldron, reactions take place causing rare combinations of atoms with only 79 protons- this is gold. For every single gold atom in the universe, there are 1 million...

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Paton's Place Jewellers Diamond Buying Guide

When buying a diamond it is important to do your research before you forfeit a large amount of your money. To make your journey enjoyable and hassle free we would like to offer consultations to assist you in the decision making process. We ensure that you gain exceptional value. At the same time we strongly encourage consumers to do their own research and gain an understanding on what it is they are after. As such we have prepared this guide, wherein you will be taught the skills to ensure that you are purchasing a diamond according to your own standards....

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Taking Care of Your Jewellery

GENERAL TIPS FOR ALL JEWELLERY TYPES Remove jewellery before entering any aquatic environment, while conducting cleaning tasks or while doing exercise. Thoroughly dry your jewellery with a clean, dry and soft cloth once it has been exposed to water. Makeup, Perfume and hairspray can damage your jewellery. Make sure that your accessories are the last to be put on. Make sure that your jewellery is the first thing to come off before getting undressed. Gently wipe your jewellery clean to remove skin oils and makeup. To avoid scratching your gold jewellery you should keep it stored in a separate compartment...

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