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Coloured Stones 30th October 2016 5 Things to Consider if Looking to Buy a Tourmaline Tourmalines represent one of natures more interesting stones. Here's a few key things to consider if looking to purchase one
Coloured Stones 30th October 2016 Sapphires - the Gem of the Skies Sapphires have long been one of the most sought after jewellery stones. Here's a few facts you may not have known about them
Engagement Rings 14th October 2016 Palladium: An Affordable Alternative for your Ring Palladium can offer many of the benefits of similar metals without the cost. Here's why.
Engagement Rings 19th July 2016 Platinum: Glamorous and Practical for Everyday Jewellery Platinum can combine the look of silver with a durability that few other metals can match. Here's what makes platinum a great choice for jewellery