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Coloured Stones 28th December 2016 Tantalising Tanzanite This stunningly beautiful stone is an extraordinary colour and is only found in one place in the whole world...making it 1000 times rarer than a diamond!
Bridal 28th December 2016 Happy Anniversary Baby! Birthdays, Special Events, Milestones, Births are all the perfect occasions to show your love with an Anniversary Ring...
Coloured Stones 14th December 2016 How to choose a High Quality Emerald Emeralds are brilliant green gemstones. They are a variety of the mineral, beryl. Emeralds are named after the country in which they originated. Emeralds can be lab-created or natural. This is determined by jewellers, who also determine its authenticity. However, there are certain factors in emeralds that you can see, even without being a trained jeweller.
Coloured Stones 23rd November 2016 5 Tips to Buying Rubies A stone that has been popular for centuries the ruby is as vibrant and popular today as it has ever been. Here are some things to consider when looking to purchase a ruby.
Jewellery Care 30th October 2016 Last Minute Ways to Clean Your Jewellery Before you head out on a big night make sure that jewellery sparkles as it should!
Gold 30th October 2016 9 Things To Know Before you Purchase Gold Jewellery Being informed is an important part of the jewellery process. Here's some facts about gold jewellery you should know before you purchase
Engagement Rings 30th October 2016 3 Factors You Need to Know to Choose the Perfect Diamond Cut Choosing the right engagement ring starts with choosing the cut of stone that is best suited to you. Here's some helpful tips on what you need to consider before buying your emgagement ring
Bridal 30th October 2016 8 Things You Must Do to Find the Best Bridal Jewellery for You Planning for your big day can be stressful - we fully understand. One of the key components will of course be your jewellery. Here's our 8 tips on how to plan the right jewellery for your big day
Engagement Rings 30th October 2016 10 Things to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring – Part 2 This article is part 2 of 2 on "10 Things to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring".