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Jewellery 1st March 2017 Anklets - Never out of style! Whether dressing up or going casual the anklet is a stunning accessory
Jewellery 22nd February 2017 Stud Earrings, the perfect accessory from Diamonds to coloured stones, to plain ball studs this classic style earring is easy to wear on any occasion..
Jewellery 22nd February 2017 Help! Which necklace is right for me? Necklaces are beautiful pieces of jewellery, adding panache and glamour to any outfit.A necklace is stylish and makes any dress go from drab to fab.
Gold 22nd February 2017 Rose Gold - The 'Must-Have' in your jewellery collection Rose gold is incredibly on-trend and there are a ton of ways to wear rose gold jewellery that can help you receive a thousand compliments a day!
Jewellery 15th February 2017 Bracelets - a very special gift Layered, charmed or friendship bracelets make a beautiful gift
Jewellery 2nd February 2017 What makes the perfect Pendant? Looking to gift the perfect pendant? There are things to consider including size, colour, material and style...
Jewellery 25th January 2017 A Complete Guide to Wedding Anniversary Gifts! An anniversary is a very special time but don't think you have to strictly stick to the rules when it comes to gift giving....
Coloured Stones 11th January 2017 Topaz Top of the Pops! Topaz is a less expensive Birthstone associated with love and loyalty and those born in December...and the colour is amazing!
Coloured Stones 4th January 2017 Glamorous Garnet Oh the beautiful garnet gemstone! It’s one of the most lovely, affordable precious stones available. It is the ​traditional​ ​birthstone​ ​of​ those born​ ​in​ ​January and​ ​is​ ​believed​ ​to​ ​be​ ​a​ ​lucky​ ​stone! Read on to find out more about this gorgeous stone...