Topaz Top of the Pops!

Topaz is a less expensive Birthstone associated with love and loyalty and those born in December...and the colour is amazing!

Blue topaz is a popular variety of pure topaz, that comes in different shades ranging from sky light to a nearly sapphire colour. It is a beautiful stone that has captured our imagination for centuries. All the same, there are also various legends associated with this stone, and it symbolises various things such as calm, peace and concentration.

Read on to find out the various meanings of blue topaz:

  1. December Birthstone: Blue topaz is the birthstone for December, and it signifies understanding, love and fidelity. Couples can gift each other the stone as a symbol of their long lasting love and loyalty. A Swiss blue topaz ring is a great gift for important occasions. 
  1. Symbol of calm and peace: Blue topaz symbolises calm and relaxation. Ancient civilisations used to believe that it had healing powers. It also symbolises the calm within a person. 
  1. Significance of the blue colour: The blue colour of topaz signifies the blue of the sky, and points to the relationship between man and his creator. Its meaning causes one to think of the difference between positive and negatives in life, and finding the right balance in life, between all our relationships. 
  1. Jewel of loyalty: As mentioned earlier, the stone symbolises undying love and loyalty. It also signifies honesty, attachment, clarity of feelings and emotions. When given as a gift, it indicates that the person truly cares about the person it was bought for and is ready for a committed relationship. It could also be given as a thank you for a loyal friendship. 
  1. Significance on special occasions: Being the birthstone for December, blue topaz is an appropriate gift for anyone born in December. It is also the gemstone to be gifted on the 4th and 19th wedding anniversaries. You can gift a variety of topaz jewellery for these special occasions such as pendants, earrings, and rings. 
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