Help! Which necklace is right for me?

Necklaces are beautiful pieces of jewellery, adding panache and glamour to any outfit.A necklace is stylish and makes any dress go from drab to fab.

Special occasion such as anniversaries and birthdays do merit a special pearl or diamond necklace.
When selecting a necklace, it is important to keep in mind the length of the necklace, as different necklace lengths suit different dress types and occasions. Here is a handy guide of the most popular necklace types to help you choose the perfect necklace for your special someone: 

  1. The collar necklace: This necklace is around 12 - 14 inches in length and is worn high on the neck. It goes well with V necks as well as off shoulders. It is best suited for people with slender necks. These necklaces usually have multiple strands. 
  1. The choker: This necklace is 14 - 16 inches long and sits below the collarbone. Chokers usually have a single strand and shift focus to the neckline and neck. They are best worn with deep necks. 
  1. The princess necklace: These are slightly longer, about 17 - 19 inches in length. It sits below the collarbone, and is best accompanied by a pendant. They can be worn with tops and dress with collars. 
  1. The matinee: This necklace goes as far as the breast bone. It looks best with very high or very low necklines. It is very versatile in nature and looks good on casual as well as formal occasions. Only, one must be sure not to wear a neckline that is heavily decorated, or it will spoil the beauty of the necklace. 
  1. The opera: This ones for those who love drama and flair! It is about 28 - 34 inches long and adds a touch of drama to any outfit. It looks great with formal blouses as well as gowns. 
  1. The rope necklace: As the name suggests, this necklace is about 35 - 45 inches long. They are of course not supposed to be worn so. You can have as many loops as you like in them. They can also be worn as a bracelet. They lend a bohemian look to an outfit. 
  1. The lariat: These necklaces are the lengthiest of the lot, being over 45 inches long. They should be chosen with care, only if you’re sure the receiver will be able to carry them well.

One important caveat to keep in mind when choosing a necklace: Not every necklace suits every neckline, so choose a necklace that can easily be worn with many dresses to ensure you get it right. 
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