Glamorous Garnet

Oh the beautiful garnet gemstone! It’s one of the most lovely, affordable precious stones available. It is the ​traditional​ ​birthstone​ ​of​ those born​ ​in​ ​January and​ ​is​ ​believed​ ​to​ ​be​ ​a​ ​lucky​ ​stone! Read on to find out more about this gorgeous stone...

 Those who wear it receive additional luck in love, success, and in  business relationships. It is also said to help the wearer let go of old behavior patterns including healing  emotional problems while boosting self-confidence and alleviate nightmares (especially when put under a pillow!) Garnet jewellery is extremely popular especially for those nearest and dearest, and is associated with purity, truth, faithfulness and friendship. 
The term “garnet “is derived from the word granatum - meaning seed - because of the gemstone's resemblance to a pomegranate seed. But there is no one garnet stone, as garnet actually refers to a family of different gemstones. There are many different varieties of garnet, so no gemstone that is simply called "garnet.” The type or color of the stone is typically included in the name. 
What makes garnet stones so special is that they occur in every color except blue and most varieties are named for their color. Check your gemstone and look for a rainbow pattern. If it displays a rainbow pattern with 
greens and yellows, it is probably a garnet. 
Garnet gemstones can also be ruby red with a purple tinge, green in color with excellent luster, orange to orange-red, opaque black with a red tinge, yellow to lemon-yellow and even emerald green. The different minerals in the gemstone produce different colors. Rare garnet can appear colourless or color-changing. Some presents a color change from brownish or orange in daylight, to rose-pink in incandescent light.
The purer the color of Garnet and the closer it is to the spectral red, the more valuable it becomes. In general, the value of Garnet stones is based on the factors of carat weight, color, cut and clarity as a whole. A couple of garnets with the exact amount of weight may have different values because the color, clarity or cut of one is inferior to the other. 
With so many options for beautiful garnet gems, you should be sure to contact a local jeweller to find the right stone for you garnet jewellery. Our friendly staff will certainly  be able to point you towards the best garnet for your setting and budget.
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