Bracelets - a very special gift

Layered, charmed or friendship bracelets make a beautiful gift

A bracelet is one of those funky pieces of jewellery that can be used to jazz up any outfit, for any occasion. It is appropriate for all ages and makes for a wonderful gift. But what does a bracelet as a gift mean? There are two types of bracelets mainly: the friendship bracelet and the charm bracelets.
Let’s take a look at the meanings of bracelet as a gift in detail:

  1. Friendship Bracelets: 
You may have seen people flaunting these bracelets. As the name suggests, they are generally gifted to friends to mark their significance in your life. They are generally handmade, out of strands of floss, and are knotted together in an intricate manner.  It is a simple process that does not require any equipment and can be done by anyone. Layer them up for each friend to make colour in your life.
Different colours of friendship bracelets signify different things. For instance, if you give a pink coloured friendship  bracelet to someone, it indicates that they are kind. Similarly, red signifies honesty, orange is for the energetic, green is for responsible people, black denotes strength, and blue signifies loyalty. Choose a unique friendship band for each of your friends and they are sure to appreciate it! 

   2. Charm Bracelets: 
Charm bracelets make for very good gifts for a varied number of recipients, including your mum, colleague, bridesmaid, and friends. They are decorated with a variety of charms that may include items that denote their hobbies or achievements. Charms can be made from high-end metals such as platinum, silver, and gold. 
One of most modern versions of charm bracelets are Pandora and Thomas Sabo Charm collection.  They make a great gift idea as you can add on a new charm or bead for upcoming special occasions!
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