A Complete Guide to Wedding Anniversary Gifts!

An anniversary is a very special time but don't think you have to strictly stick to the rules when it comes to gift giving....

An anniversary is a special time to rekindle the passion between a couple and remind your partner how much you adore them. But more often than not, couples are stuck up on what to gift their loved ones. Luckily, each anniversary has some traditional and modern gifts that you can use as pointers while planning a 
gift for your better half. But don’t think you have to strictly stick to the rules. Infuse your gifts with some of your own personality and make it personalised for your partner. 

Here are a few anniversary gift ideas that will spark your imagination: 

  1. Jewellery: The most obvious choice for an anniversary has to be jewellery, especially after diamonds were famously called a woman’s best friends. But here’s the thing, for each of your anniversaries, there are different stones and metals that are appropriate. Do some research of your own to find out which piece of jewellery would be appropriate for your upcoming anniversary. For instance, silver is the traditional and modern gift for a 25th wedding anniversary. Likewise, pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. are appropriate for the 30th anniversary, though they are the traditional gifts. The modern gifts for a 30th wedding anniversary are diamonds. They are known to be timeless and perfectly signify the 30 long years of marriage. 
  1. Custom gifts: Personalised gifts are one of the best ways to express your love and affection towards your partner. For instance, you can create a special map of all the places that mark a milestone in your relationship, such as the proposal, the wedding, the honeymoon and gift it to them. You can also create custom photo frames, mugs, pillow covers, movies and a lot of other things, that they could keep as a memento. 
  1. Books: Does your partner like cooking? You can gift them a classic collection of cookbooks. Or are they a fan of science fiction? Gift them their favorite series (signed copies, preferably) and see how they light up! Books are an evergreen gift and appreciated by one and all. 
  1. A holiday: What better way to rekindle your passion for one another, than exploring a new city together? A holiday offers you the chance to explore one another all over again, along with exploring a new place.  It opens you up to new cultures and allows you to have some fun away from day to day responsibilities. Surprise your partner by whisking them away to their favorite location and they’ll love you for it! 
  1. Flowers: Who says anniversary gifts have to be expensive? Simple gifts can be heartfelt too! Gifting your partner a bunch of their favorite flowers is a romantic gesture too. You can write something romantic for them such as a poem, and make it even more special. True romance is really in the gestures, after all! 
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